I'm looking for 'Sabre Dance' ZDF (237 Mb).

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I'm looking for 'Sabre Dance' ZDF (237 Mb).

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Hi everyone!

A little request. Can you help me, please? Image

I'm looking for 'Sabre Dance' ZDF (237 Mb): Image

It has been previously on this forum. But nowadays I lost the video that Xanthippe (Rijko) sent to me!


·Only TV Broadcasts (and specially HD Web files).
·Resolution NTSC: 720/480 or higher (4:3 / 16:9)
·Resolution PAL: 720/576 or higher (4:3 / 16:9)
·These Formats: Vob, mpg, and any HD Format like .mkv/ .ts...
·No extra Logo!

Unfortunately the Youtube uploads (usually) don't have HQ quality: quality is very potato as was to be expected...

Thank you. Image Image

By the way! Anyone get Sabre Dance Video from 2004 Classical BRIT Awards with better resolution at least?

Or Devil's trill, Sabre Dance 'Sunday Night Classics', The Havana slide (live)... Image

I suppose not. Image

What a shame! Thanks anyway...
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